If you have a home that barely functions under all of the clutter, a space that just is not working for you or you have a certain room where you keep all the excess belongings then you may be facing a good time to get it all figured out and become organized. Lets see how we can help.

These 7 tips will allow you to make it happen in an efficient and organized way: 
1.  Its time to donate those extra garments you do not wear anymore. Most of us wear 20% of our clothes about 80% of the time...create more space in your closet by donating the items that you can honestly say, "i haven't put this on in over two years"!

2.  Does your current closet only have a single wire shelf and pole? Distinctive Closets & Garage can help by installing a new system with plenty of double hang, longer hang and an adjustable shoe shelving tower for all of your shoes that are a mess on the floor.

3.  Is your garage is such a mess that you cant even park your cars inside? Take a sunny weekend and donate what you can and then try to organize what items you do need to keep in storage cabinets or overhead racks. You can do the same for your unfinished area in the lower level. Neatly stored boxes, tools or equipment can be very easy to find when organized. Distinctive Closets & Garage handle all of your garage storage needs.

4.  Pantry shelving in wire? Smaller items like spices falling over on those wire shelves? High quality wood shelving with organizers such as sliding baskets, pan dividers, soup can racks and work top stations making cooking fun again.

5.  Kids grow up and their toys and entertainment habits change.  Keep it in mind and do your best to have all your things organized so you won’t have to deal with the chaos of a messy room.  Organization will help you replace the older toys in a more controlled way such as placing them in plastic containers or having printed photos or labels pointing out what the contents are.  Put them on shelves and you will have all things under control without too much involved.

6.  Have a ready drawer for all your small random items you simply don’t know where to place and keep it around for such cases. Put some dividers inside so you can organize the items making sure you know exactly where everything will be.

7.  Having your home properly organized will greatly reduce your day to day stress of knowing it needs to be done.

Remember- a cluttered desk or home is a cluttered mind!

For more helpful tips, click here.

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